Am I Weird?

You are weird.  I mean you are an undeniably freaky, off the charts, complete weirdo.  No?  You don’t think so?  Well think about this for a minute.  You have thoughts that seem to run counter to every normal person you know.  Not all of your thoughts, but you know the ones I am talking about.  You are certain you have feelings and secrets that no one, or very few others, experience.  There are things you do that if someone saw, you know they would think you are weird.  Still not buying into it?  You have said things that other people shook their heads at or rolled their eyes.  Other people have laughed at you and not with you.  There are times other people disagree with you and think you are wrong.  You know that you are not completely normal.  You know that there are things about yourself that are completely different from everyone you know.  If you would stop and be honest with yourself right now, you know I am right.

I know this because I am a weirdo as well.  You and I are different that way, although to me, you are still weird.  Let’s face it, there are things about you that would never occur to me.  But that’s okay and I will tell you why.  I know this may sound a little weird, but I like to come up with my own definitions for words.  Not to change their meaning, but it allows me to not just know what a word means, but to actually understand it.  Maybe I should say I like to put the definition into my own words.  George Carlin would love that.  So one day out of the blue the definition of weird showed up in my head and it goes like this:  WEIRD  is anyone who would think, say, or do something different than you.  When you give that some thought you realize that pretty much includes everyone on the planet in the group you would consider weird, at least to some degree.  Even the closest people to us have ideas that are weird to us, but to them are completely normal.

Now this is where things get interesting.  The weird thoughts you have are exactly what makes you; you.  They are what make you different from me and everyone else, which is exactly why we need to embrace and own those thoughts which make us weird.  The weird thoughts, so long as they are positive and not negative, meaning they ultimately raise and not lower yourself or humanity, are a clue as to who and what you could be that the rest of us need.  And I have come to think that the rarer the thought, similar to jewels, the more valuable the thought.  Thomas Edison is credited with giving us the light bulb which completely changed the world.  How valuable was that one weird man with the crazy thought that he could create light.  We don’t really think of him today as weird but I doubt many people had the same thoughts he did, and how lucky are we that he embraced those thoughts and didn’t suppress them and try to fit in.

It is time to claim your place as a weirdo among us, and embrace the positive weird thoughts that belong only to you up til now.  Just so you know I am on this path, I will tell you I recently became a vegan.  I live in a northern state in the midwest which makes me about as weird as it gets around here.  I will explore this decision in a coming post but for now this has been one of my weird thoughts which has bloomed into a most positive outcome.  Norman Vincent Peale said “Change your thoughts and you change your world”.  To do that, you must become aware of your thoughts, claim the positive, let go of the negative, and act on it.  A positive thought is one which promotes your life, where a negative thought would undermine or diminish it.  For me becoming vegan promoted good health and hopefully longevity.  That qualifies as positive and is why I embraced this weird thought.

Bye for now weirdos


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